minimalist hygge blush and gold living room sofa with pillows, tree

Minimalist Hygge: Coziness Meets Minimalism

Minimalist hygge is minimalist living with a focus on coziness. It’s the combination between minimalism, a focus on simplicity, and hygge, a focus on coziness. Hygge minimalism can refer to a style of home decor or a way of living, or more commonly, both! Minimalism is about removing anything unnecessary or unneeded from your environment […] Read more…

hygge kitchen design ideas

Hygge Kitchen: Perfectly Cozy Lifestyle Design Ideas

Often we think of hygge as sitting on the couch with a blanket, soft pillows, a good book, and a mug of tea, but you can certainly create a hygge kitchen as well! Some elements of a hygge kitchen and dining room include warm, soft lighting, spending quality time with family and friends, and eating […] Read more…

clipboard that says free meal planning printables hanging above mug and pen

7 Totally Free Meal Planning Printables

I’m excited to share with you these free meal planning printables. They are made for people like you who have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend hours making dinner every night. Not only will these free printables help you save time in the kitchen, they’ll also help you simplify meal planning! This curated […] Read more…

simple meal planning flatlay vegetables in bowls, on cutting boards

Simple Meal Planning Ideas

Simple meal planning is totally achievable if you know what to look for. These tips will help you simplify your whole meal planning process, allowing you to get it done more quickly and with less stress! This will help guide your decisions as well as simplify things so that it doesn’t take up too much […] Read more…

eat simply woman eating fruit

Eat Simply With These Tips From a Dietitian

What is simple eating? Simple eating means choosing mostly simple, minimally processed foods and combining them into easy meals that consist of about 10 ingredients or less. This is not to say that eating simply never includes eating packaged and processed food or takeout. The point is that the MAJORITY of the diet includes simple […] Read more…

Fridge Organization

25 Fridge Organization Ideas You Need Now!

Fridge Organization Looking for tips on how to organize your fridge or some refrigerator organization hacks? This article has more than 25 ideas that you can start implementing right away! There’s also suggestions for fridge organizers like refrigerator bins, fridge baskets, fridge dividers, etc that you can use to really maximize the space in your […] Read more…

frozen veggies freezer organizer ideas

Freezer Organizers: Use These Tools & Ideas to Tame Your Freezer

Freezer Organization Looking for tips on how to organize your freezer or some freezer organization hacks? This article has you covered with more than 25 ideas! There’s also suggestions for freezer organizers like freezer bins, freezer baskets, freezer dividers, etc that you can use to really maximize your freezer space! As always, I recommend doing […] Read more…

clothes on floor overwhelmed by mess

Get Motivated to Clean When Overwhelmed by Mess!

Overwhelmed by the mess? No motivation to clean house? When you need to clean but have no motivation, sometimes you just want a step by step process. Unfortunately, there is no universal step by step process that will work the same for everyone. But believe me, this is actually a good thing! Lots of naturally […] Read more…

Woman cooking from pantry taking jar of colorful pasta from white shelf, closeup

Cooking From Pantry Staples Made Simple!

Cooking from your pantry can help you save money and time while reducing food waste.  Do you get overwhelmed when you open your pantry?  Are there so many boxes, cans, spices, and pantry staples that you give up and either run to the store for more meal ingredients or eat out?  You’re not alone! Recent […] Read more…

Cooking food in modern, simple kitchen with white cabinets and wood tabletop. Knife on wooden cutting board with vegetables, pepper, spices.

How to Create a Simple Kitchen You’ll Love

A simple kitchen is one where you have what you need to cook and enjoy your time in the kitchen, but nothing more. It is clutter-free, clean and organized, as well as styled in a way that appeals to your simple design aesthetic. The kitchen is where we gather to eat and spend time with […] Read more…

minimalist recipe on laptop with recipe ingredients on white kitchen counter

What are Minimalist Recipes & How to Choose Them?

Minimalist recipes are those that have 10 ingredients or less and no more than about 5 steps. The ingredients will also be quite simple and consist mainly of minimally processed, whole foods. When you’re trying to eat more minimalist, choosing recipes that are more simple is key. Better yet if the meal is so simple […] Read more…

minimalist coffee mug on wood table with notebook and plant

Minimalist Coffee Mugs: Top Picks for an Aesthetic Morning Brew

Minimalist coffee mugs are sleek, simple, and perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate minimalist design. They are perfect for people who want a beautiful and functional mug that doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for a minimalist coffee mug, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure […] Read more…

Cozy living room with minimalist decor and Christmas tree

Best Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

Minimalist Christmas decor is all about simplicity and functionality. When applied to holiday home decor, minimalism can be a great way to keep your space organized and tidy while still looking chic and seasonally appropriate. While some people might go all out with garlands, multi-colored lights, life-sized nutcrackers, Santa decor, and other traditional decorations, others […] Read more…

minimalist fall decor living room with grey sofa, cream blanket, mustard pillow, squash in foreground

Best Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

Minimalism is all about simplicity and functionality. When applied to home decor, it can be a great way to keep your space organized and tidy while still looking chic and seasonally appropriate. While some people might go all out with pumpkins, leaves, and other traditional decorations, others may prefer a more minimalist approach to fall […] Read more…

minimalist family parents and kid sitting on sofa, reading book

Minimalist Family: 7 Tips to make it a reality

A minimalist family lifestyle provides many benefits for kids, and they often thrive on simplicity. A calm environment allows them to be more creative and lessens the chance of becoming materialistic.  Minimalism looks different for everyone, but at its core, it relies on finding meaning and purpose to everything you own and getting rid of […] Read more…

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