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Woman cooking from pantry taking jar of colorful pasta from white shelf, closeup

Cooking From Pantry Staples Made Simple!

Cooking from your pantry can help you save money and time while reducing food waste.  Do you get overwhelmed when you open your pantry?  Are there so many boxes, cans, spices, and pantry staples that you give up and either run to the store for more meal ingredients or eat out?  You’re not alone! Recent […] Read more…

minimalist recipe on laptop with recipe ingredients on white kitchen counter

What are Minimalist Recipes & How to Choose Them?

Minimalist recipes are those that have 10 ingredients or less and no more than about 5 steps. The ingredients will also be quite simple and consist mainly of minimally processed, whole foods. When you’re trying to eat more minimalist, choosing recipes that are more simple is key. Better yet if the meal is so simple […] Read more…

freezer dividers, drawer, ice cube tray

Get These Freezer Dividers to Help You Organize Your Freezer!

Freezer dividers are a great way to keep your freezer organized and more efficient. They create more sections so you can place like items together. By creating more sections, you can easily store like items together which makes for quick and easy access. Not only will this help keep your freezer looking nicer, but it […] Read more…

Amazon kitchen accessories Pot with uncooked pasta and frying pan on stove in kitchen

10 Handy Amazon Kitchen Accessories You’ll Use All The Time

Amazon is a great place to search for kitchen accessories, but sometimes it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. Because of this, I’ve created a curated list of Amazon kitchen accessories for you so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time searching through hundreds of products on Amazon. Kitchen accessories […] Read more…

4oz small mason jar held by white hand with background of off white and green leaves

Adorably Small Mason Jars

Small mason jars are so handy and can be used for so many purposes from making gift-sized preserves to storing snacks or craft supplies. If you’re anything like me, you can find a use for jars in any situation! Tiny jars that fit in the palm of your hand also happen to be exceptionally cute! […] Read more…

Chopped basket ingredient ideas basket of fresh food

Chopped Basket Ingredient Ideas

Looking for ingredient ideas for doing a Chopped mystery basket challenge at home? This list of ingredient ideas is the next best thing to a Chopped basket ideas generator. Simply mix and match 4 ingredients from the ideas listed and create your own Chopped mystery basket! I’ve made sure to include Chopped basket ideas for […] Read more…

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