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If yes, minimalist meal planning is for you!

"The Minimalist Meal Planning Workbook is a great tool to have for meal planning!

My favorite part is the grocery list!"


– Oribel A

Hey there!👋


I know what’s like to feel overwhelmed with meal planning. 


Either you try using a pretty printable meal planning template but lack the whole system to actually help you stick with it


you find a system where every last detail is planned weeks in advance, leaving you feeling even more frazzled than before!


I’ve been there!

But the good news is this doesn’t have to be you anymore!


Learn how to meal plan:


You deserve better…

The Minimalist Meal Planning Workbook helps you simplify meal planning and stick with it, once and for all.

I’ve got you covered. Are you ready to get started?

See what's inside 👇

With the Minimalist Meal Planning Workbook You Will...

USING the minimalist meal planning workbook!

What You'll Get

minimalist meal ideas

minimalist meal ideas list

Start with this list of meal ideas & add your own to 
save the effort of thinking what to make each week!

Minimalist Meal Plan

minimalist meal plan template

Keep yourself organized with this simple template,
plus bonus sample 1 week minimalist meal plan!

minimalist grocery list


Save time & mental energy by not starting a list from scratch each week with this printable grocery list template! 

minimalist meal planning tips


Real life tips & troubleshooting specifically tailored
for people who struggle to stick with meal planning! 

I've never had success with meal planning before...
Why would this be any different?

Traditional meal planning methods are overly detailed & only work for people who love planning.

Minimalist Meal Planning SIMPLIFIES the process down to just the essentials so you're successful & can stick with it!


"Going through this helped me see where I was overcomplicating my attempts at meal planning.
Now that I have this simple process it's so much less stressful and time consuming!"

"I learned so much from this! Starting with the list of minimalist meal ideas saved me so much time!
I especially liked the printables which I use for each week's meal plan and running grocery list so nothing gets forgotten. "


Yes! Minimalist Meal Planning is completely adaptable to how you cook (really!). 

It will work whether making pizza in your house means popping a frozen pizza in the oven or whether you make the whole pizza (including the crust) from scratch.

The important part of meal planning is ensuring you have the groceries you need in order to make the meals you want to eat.

Minimalist Meal Planning is extremely flexible and pre-planning what to eat each day is not important. 

If you find it stressful or uncomfortable to pre-plan every meal, you absolutely don’t need to do that if you don’t want to! I don’t!

No. Minimalist Meal Planning is about the SYSTEM of meal planning, not about WHAT meals to make. 

Since it’s a system, it’s applicable to any way of eating or special diet your family might need. 

The Minimalist Grocery List is based off a minimally processed, balanced Western diet & the Minimalist Meal Ideas List includes suggestions based on a Western diet with options from around the world for variety. 

There is a blank template for you to create your own grocery list & list of meal ideas if how you eat is quite different from that.

If the Minimalist Meal Planning Workbook helps you avoid just one or two unplanned takeout meals, it has already paid for itself! 

Mastering meal planning once and for all will save you a lot of money because you’ll be cooking at home more consistently.

Me neither!

That’s why I included a pre-filled list of meal ideas and a grocery list with room to add your own so you don’t have to start from scratch!

You can expect to spend 5-10  minutes per week meal planning after spending 30-60 minutes reading through the workbook and doing the initial 1-time steps!

Following a new recipe for every meal you make requires a lot of extra work and can be stressful and unsustainable, therefore no recipes are included.

Minimalist Meal Planning encourages you you to cook simple foods that don’t require recipes, incorporate recipes you already know and like, or even eat ready-made foods.

Trying new recipes fits in with the Minimalist Meal Planning system, but using a set of pre-selected recipes or searching for new recipes each week is not part of the process taught in this workbook.

This will save you A TON of time and stress!

Bri Bell, RD Minimalist Meal Planning Expert

Hi, I’m Bri, a Registered Dietitian, here to help you finally have success with meal planning!

For the longest time I felt like a failure because I could never stick with meal planning. 

A detailed meal plan with every meal and snack pre-planned weeks in advance feels so restrictive and stressful! 

Until I realized that’s not the only way to meal plan. The typical type of meal planning just doesn’t work for everyone.


So I created the Minimalist Meal Planning Workbook.

It’s the bare minimum amount of planning that still ensures you have the food you need to make the meals you want to eat. 

It’s flexible and adaptable to change and works for people who don’t have success with traditional types of meal planning.

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Finally simplify meal planning, once and for all

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