Ideas for gifts, decor, planning and hosting for holidays like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.

Cozy living room with minimalist decor and Christmas tree

Best Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

Minimalist Christmas decor is all about simplicity and functionality. When applied to holiday home decor, minimalism can be a great way to keep your space organized and tidy while still looking chic and seasonally appropriate. While some people might go all out with garlands, multi-colored lights, life-sized nutcrackers, Santa decor, and other traditional decorations, others […] Read more…

minimalist fall decor living room with grey sofa, cream blanket, mustard pillow, squash in foreground

Best Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

Minimalism is all about simplicity and functionality. When applied to home decor, it can be a great way to keep your space organized and tidy while still looking chic and seasonally appropriate. While some people might go all out with pumpkins, leaves, and other traditional decorations, others may prefer a more minimalist approach to fall […] Read more…

minimalist hygge blush and gold living room sofa with pillows, tree

Minimalist Hygge: Coziness Meets Minimalism

Minimalist hygge is minimalist living with a focus on coziness. It’s the combination between minimalism, a focus on simplicity, and hygge, a focus on coziness. Hygge minimalism can refer to a style of home decor or a way of living, or more commonly, both! Minimalism is about removing anything unnecessary or unneeded from your environment […] Read more…

man opening minimalist gift for him from son

Minimalist Gifts For Him

Looking for gift ideas for minimalist men can be a challenge. Most gift ideas are completely based in consumerism and many men don’t want a lot of things. Choosing minimalist gifts for him can be stressful too! How can you give him a meaningful gift without giving him stuff he doesn’t need or want? I […] Read more…

woman in beige sweater opening minimalist gift wrapped in brown paper with white ribbon

27 Best Minimalist Gifts For Her This Year

Choosing what to buy a minimalist woman can be challenging to say the least. She probably works hard to declutter and downsize her possessions so you don’t want to buy her something that will later feel like a burden. On the other hand, even minimalists need new things from time to time so it’s a […] Read more…

what to do with leftover cranberry sauce

What To Do With Leftover Cranberry Sauce?

Wondering what to do with leftover cranberry sauce now that your holiday feast is over? No worries! I’ve collected 21 awesome ideas for what to do with it! Whether you freeze it to use later, or recreate a new recipe with it, don’t let that sweet and tart cranberry yumminess go to waste! Use it […] Read more…

white, black, teal minimalist gifts for Christmas flatlay

Minimalist Gifts for Christmas They Actually Want!

Figuring out what to buy a minimalist can be insanely hard, considering minimalists generally aim to own fewer things and don’t often see a lot of value in random objects. Gifts can even feel like little mini burdens to some minimalists; becoming just another thing they need to declutter! If you don’t want your gift […] Read more…

kitchen with minimalist Christmas decoration by night

Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas

A minimalist Christmas is one where you choose the gifts and activities intentionally and in alignment with a minimalist lifestyle. Choosing fewer but more intentional gifts, simplifying your gift list, and wrapping gifts intentionally make each gift more meaningful to the recipient than a huge pile of gifts. When it comes to minimimalist Christmas gifting, […] Read more…

minimalist celebration tart on plate

Hosting a Minimalist Dinner Party

Entertaining or hosting a dinner party as a minimalist can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. You’ve minimized your kitchenware, but now don’t have enough for all your guests. You want to make a nice impression, but don’t want to store a bunch of decorations just to be used once or twice […] Read more…

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