Ideas for gifts, decor, planning and hosting for holidays like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.

minimalist halloween decor

6 Clutter-free Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is decidedly quite un minimalist in most ways. But I’m going to challenge you to that it is possible to decorate for silly holidays like Halloween without filling your house with plastic dollar store clutter! Minimalist Halloween Decor Minimalist Halloween decor is usually a combination of natural elements like branches, flowers, pumpkins, and leaves. […] Read more…

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100+ Consumable Gifts For under $25

Consumable gifts are gifts that can be eaten or used up in some way. Think: food, drinks, candles, lotion, and even gift cards. Consumable gifts are one of the best things to give a minimalist. Since they are something that will be used up, there is nothing left to clutter their home once it’s done! […] Read more…

Gifts for Minimalists

65+ Gifts for Minimalists (that fit your budget!)

Looking for gift ideas for minimalists can be a challenge. What are you supposed to get for the person who doesn’t want things? You know they don’t want stuff they don’t need, and probably even consider themselves anti-consumerist, meaning they actively try to avoid buying things. Choosing gifts for a minimalist can feel really stressful! […] Read more…

Cheese fruit plate is Simple Party food on a budget

25+ Simple Party Food Ideas on a Budget

I’ve gathered some great ideas for party food for a crowd on a budget for you! All the ideas are simple and affordable to make so you can focus on having a good time at your own party rather than worrying about perfectly timing when each dish comes out of the oven. I find the […] Read more…

Minimalist Black Friday Shopping Bags

Frugal Minimalist Black Friday

As a frugal minimalist, what are you supposed to do about Black Friday? On one hand, you’re so thankful for what you already have and want to avoid the consumerism trap that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday. On the other hand, some of the sales really are a great deal which totally appeals to your frugal […] Read more…

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Hosting a Minimalist Dinner Party

Entertaining or hosting a dinner party as a minimalist can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. You’ve minimized your kitchenware, but now don’t have enough for all your guests. You want to make a nice impression, but don’t want to store a bunch of decorations just to be used once or twice […] Read more…