Choosing what to buy a minimalist woman can be challenging to say the least. She probably works hard to declutter and downsize her possessions so you don’t want to buy her something that will later feel like a burden.

On the other hand, even minimalists need new things from time to time so it’s a good idea to get her something you know she already wants!

This curated list of minimalist gifts for her will give you some ideas without leaving you feeling lost!

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Choosing a Minimalist Gift for Her

If you’re buying a minimalist gift for her, make sure it is something she actually wants and needs. The best way to do that is to ask her to make a list!

A consumable gift or an experience gift are usually safe bets, but if you want to get her something more useful, this minimalist gift guide will give you some ideas for things that appeal to the minimalist aesthetic.

The minimalist aesthetic is a simple design or look to a product. Many minimalists like clean lines, muted colors and natural materials wherever possible, although there are exceptions! Many minimalist are actually more interested in the number of objects they have or just simplifying their lives.

Finding out what kind of minimalist she is will help you decide what kind of gift will be best for her.

Make sure to choose minimalist gift wrapping to add the special touch that shows you put extra thought and care into the gift.

Some minimalist gift wrapping ideas are brown paper with natural elements, furoshiki wrapping, or Christmas wrapping paper or gift bags that are not too busy.

If you’re giving something small like a gift card or concert tickets, choose a minimalist card to give it in.

Minimalist cards have simple designs and messaging. Including a personalized note is a small touch that makes the gift feel just that little bit more special.

Minimalist gifts for her:

Most people who choose to live a minimalist lifestyle have reasons beyond just how minimalism looks or how many things they have.

Many of us choose minimalism because of the environmental and social justice impacts it has on the world around us.

I’ve included links to products on Etsy so you can easily support small, independent creators that fit minimalist values.

Shop Etsy’s curated “Gifts for Her” collection at the link below, or continue reading for my list of minimalist gifts for her!

Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is often delicate and simply designed. The styles are timeless, requiring fewer resources because they’re not fast fashion meant to be discarded after only a season or two.

There are SO many minimalist jewelry options for women on Etsy at affordable prices.

Minimalist Wallets For Women

Minimalist wallets have a slim design that holds the essentials without bulking up her handbag. They usually have enough room for a few cards and a few bills – everything a minimalist needs to be honest!

Minimalist Dishes

Minimalists generally prefer to have one set of dishes that are perfect for any occasion. Minimalist dishes can go just as well with a formal table setting or something more casual, like outdoor dining on the patio.

If the minimalist you’re buying for is in the market for new dishes or is in love with unique, handcrafted pieces like the ones above, this could be a great option!

Minimalist Backpacks

A backpack is a great option for a minimalist Christmas gift for her and will last for years of daily use.

Simple design features like hidden pockets, organizer storage inside, and high tech or natural materials are optimal. Look for options with a clean, simple design without a lot of busy looking pouches, zippers, or labels.

Choosing one with an overall smaller backpack profile is good too, because minimalists generally don’t have a lot of stuff to carry so there’s no need for a huge backpack!

Minimalist Kitchen Utensils

Avoiding kitchen clutter is really important to most minimalists so make sure she really needs the thing before you buy it.

Maybe you noticed her wooden spoon broke so this could be a good option because you know she needs a new one!

Don’t bother with single use utensils like a cherry pitter or an avocado slicer, rather go for the core pieces she will use every day.

If she is more interested in the minimalist aesthetic, a matching set of gold flatware could be the perfect minimalist upgrade to her kitchen!

Minimalist Water Bottles

These sleek and stylish minimalist water bottles are not only functional, but they have an appealing aesthetic vibe that’ll make her happy whenever she takes a sip of water.

Browse more minimalist water bottles in this curated list, or click below to shop on Etsy.

Minimalist Pantry Labels

Minimalist pantry labels are a simple, low cost gift that could make an excellent stocking stuffer!

Stylish, simple, and super useful, these pretty spice labels will give your minimalist a major upgrade to her minimalist kitchen aesthetic.

Minimalist Lunch Boxes

When it’s time for a new lunch box, getting one as a gift is a great feeling because it’s generally something you don’t really like buying for yourself.

Look for one that is simple and practical, but is also aesthetically pleasing!

The 3 options above are great, but feel free to check out these aesthetic minimalist lunch boxes, or see the best lunch bags on Etsy or shop even more at the button below.

Minimalist Cards

A card is a great way to wrap a gift card or a special addition of a personal touch to any gift.

A simple, minimalist card with a personal note will make her feel extra special and is often a gift enough on it’s own!

This curated list of minimalist greeting cards will help you find a good option in no time at all.

Whether you’re just giving a gift card or choose one of these minimalist gift ideas, hopefully this list has helped you pick out the perfect gift for her!

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