minimalist eating pumpkin soup and bread

Eating a Minimalist Diet

What does minimalist eating mean? It’s important to note what exactly minimalism is: a simple, intentional lifestyle, with a focus on internal satisfaction rather than external things and consumerism. As with all aspects of minimalism, there is no “one size fits all” way to do it. Is a minimalist diet about following a meal plan […] Read more…

Frugal minimalist gift ideas

Frugal Minimalist Gift Ideas

How do you buy for someone who is a frugal minimalist?  They don’t want stuff they don’t need, and probably even consider themselves anti-consumerist, meaning they actively try to avoid buying things. Gift giving as a frugal minimalist can I feel really stressful. Frugal minimalists know most people don’t need more stuff. How can you […] Read more…