digital minimalism

10 Easy Ideas to Embrace Digital Minimalism

We’re all familiar with being overwhelmed with clutter but when we work on decluttering our lives, we often forget about the clutter and disorganization that happen on our phones and computers! Digital minimalism is the solution! If you’re not familiar with digital minimalism, it’s basically like minimalism for non-physical clutter. Think: Thousands of unorganized photos […] Read more…

minimalist dinnerware

The Best Minimalist Dinnerware Set for Everyday Use

Last year we got a new dinnerware set. It is simple, classic, minimalist dinnerware. Let me tell you, being frugal and a minimalist, I didn’t see the need for a new set of dishes. The ones we had were a simple white set. Sure they had a few chips and we were missing a bowl […] Read more…

Simple living quotes

100+ Living Simple Quotes to Help You Live a Simple Life

These living simple quotes from authors, celebrities, & famous historical people are sure to inspire you! No matter your path, reading some quotes about simple living is a great way to learn about some of the concepts and feel motivated to take action towards simplifying your life. My simple living journey started as a child […] Read more…

minimalist quotes purple linen background

200+ Minimalist Quotes to Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

This comprehensive list of the best minimalist quotes is sure to inspire you along your minimalist journey! Whether you’re looking for quotes from the ‘Minimalism’ documentary, Marie Kondo quotes, or just inspiring minimalist quotes in general, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here! There are even minimalism quotes from Aristotle and other […] Read more…

minimalist white orchids

Top Frugal Minimalist Blogs & YouTubers

Looking for frugal minimalist blogs and videos? This list will guide you to the top resources on living like a frugal minimalist! In this list I’ve included blog posts and YouTube videos that talk about frugal minimalism. Some focus completely on frugal minimalism, while others mention frugal minimalism while focusing on the synonyms, simple or […] Read more…

frugal minimalist striped shirt

Your Guide to Frugal Minimalist Living

Find out if you are a frugal minimalist with this handy info. I’ve included lots of examples to help you determine what is a frugal minimalist! Frugality and minimalism are sometimes thought to be opposites. How can you save money if you don’t stock up on sales? How can you keep minimal possessions without spending […] Read more…

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