frugal minimalist striped shirt

Are You a Frugal Minimalist?

Find out if you are a frugal minimalist with this handy info. I’ve included lots of examples to help you determine what is a frugal minimalist! Frugality and minimalism are sometimes thought to be opposites. How can you save money if you don’t stock up on sales? How can you keep minimal possessions without spending […] Read more…

minimalist eating pumpkin soup and bread

Eating a Minimalist Diet

What does minimalist eating mean? It’s important to note what exactly minimalism is: a simple, intentional lifestyle, with a focus on internal satisfaction rather than external things and consumerism. As with all aspects of minimalism, there is no “one size fits all” way to do it. Is a minimalist diet about following a meal plan […] Read more…

Frugal minimalist gift ideas

Minimalist Gift Ideas for Frugal People

What to buy a minimalist? How do you buy for someone who is a frugal minimalist?  They don’t want stuff they don’t need, and probably even consider themselves anti-consumerist, meaning they actively try to avoid buying things. Minimalist gift giving can I feel really stressful, especially as a frugal minimalist! Frugal minimalists know most people […] Read more…