Minimalist cards have a simple design and generally feature subdued colors, neutrals or even black and white. Preference is given to hand made cards with natural materials but many mainstream card brands have options that fit the minimalist aesthetic too.

Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail from a loved one. Especially this year, it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with friends and family, even if we can’t physically be together.

Sending a greeting card in the mail is a great way to give them a boost of love, even from afar.

As a minimalist, a card is an excellent gift idea in and of itself, as cards convey the meaning of our relationships without worrying about adding to the clutter. Cards are also nice to give a special added touch to any gift as well.

I like supporting creators on Etsy to get unique, minimalist aesthetic cards and gifts. I’ve also included links to options on Amazon as well, but there is MUCH more selection on Etsy.

Check out my article about minimalist gift ideas and consumable gift ideas for clutter-free gift options!

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Minimalist Christmas Cards

If you’re like me and want to simplify and have a minimalist Christmas, choosing simple cards is a great baby step in the right direction!

I’ve created a list of adorable minimalist Christmas cards to save you time searching through all the options!

There are some adorable designs ranging from nordic minimalism, to abstract Christmas trees, to mistletoe.

Check them out!

Here are some of the lovely minimalist Christmas card packs I’ve found:

And here are some aesthetic cards sold individually if you’d prefer to mix and match! (Most are also sold in multiples too)

Browse more minimalist Christmas cards on Etsy and see their entire collection.

Minimalist Greeting Cards

These minimalist greeting cards have a holiday season vibe without being directly Christmas-related. Think: tree branches, snowflakes, and snowmen

Browse more minimalist aesthetic greeting cards on Etsy or Amazon.

Minimalist Birthday Cards

Wishing happy birthday with a card is so nice. Choosing a minimalist birthday card without glitter and loud colors will help your card stand out.

Browse handmade minimalist aesthetic birthday cards on Etsy or regular birthday cards on Amazon.

Minimalist Valentine Cards

Valentines day cards tend to be bright, colorful and over the top. I’m all for expressing love to the full extent, but sometimes simple is best. Send a sweet minimalist love card for Valentines day instead!

Here are some adorable minimalist Valentine card options from Amazon and from Etsy.

Minimalist Thank You Cards

When saying thank you, simple is best!

Browse minimalist thank you cards on Etsy and Amazon.

Minimalist Wedding Cards

Wedding cards easily lend themselves to minimalist aesthetic because there are lots of simple but elegant white options.

Browse minimalist wedding cards on Etsy or on Amazon.

Minimalist Mother’s Day Cards

Say a simple “I love you, Mom” with one of these minimalist Mother’s Day cards.

Browse handmade mother’s day cards on Etsy or regular Mother’s Day cards on Amazon.

I hope you found the perfect minimalist cards for your loved ones! If you’re looking for something to write in your card, how about some minimalist quotes?

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