For the longest time I’ve been on the lookout for the best coupon and grocery apps in Canada.

Sometimes it’s hard to find Canadian coupon apps because most reviews are written by Americans so I always have to go digging to find out if the program is available in Canada too.

Since I had such a hard time finding grocery shopping apps and best flyer apps in Canada, I put together a list for you.

If you’re American, check out my epic review of Checkout 51 & Ibotta. Otherwise, keep reading for apps specifically for Canadians!

This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them, at no additional cost to you. See disclosure policy for details.

iPhone showing best grocery apps in Canada

Canadian Coupon Apps:

1. Caddle

  • What’s it about:
    • Caddle offers high value cash back coupons, plus cash back for simple surveys and watching ads
    • Personally, I’ve found most value in getting $0.25 or more for watching a short video ad (15-30 seconds)
    • I also enjoy the daily surveys, which give you $0.05 for answering 1-5 multiple choice questions
  • Who it’s for:
    • Anyone who enjoys stacking coupons and/or answering surveys
    • Anyone who hates traditional paper coupons but wouldn’t mind just taking a photo of their receipt
  • What you’ll earn:
    • high value coupon offers, often $1 or more. Can combine them with other coupons, discounts and cash back
    • $0.05-$0.25 for answering short surveys
    • $0.50 back for uploading receipts from specific stores. ex: Costco
    • $0.25 or more for watching a short video ad (periodically)
    • $1 for each friend you refer
    • Request a check after you reach at least $20
  • Sign up bonus: Use Caddle promo code MNCJQI7HIQ to get $1 just for signing up and filling out a quick survey!

To sign up to Caddle:
1. Copy the promo code: MNCJQI7HIQ
2. Click here to enter the code. The image below shows where to add it ↓

Caddle app sign up form

Caddle is the only 100% Canadian coupon app on the list, while others (like Checkout 51) are also available in the US.

I like that Caddle has surveys and other ways to earn cash back besides just coupons so you are able to cash out sooner!

Make sure to enter the promo code MNCJQI7HIQ when you sign up to get your bonus!

Read my comprehensive review about Caddle if you want more info.

2. Checkout 51

  • What’s it about:
    • Checkout 51 offers high value cash back coupons for a variety of food and household products
    • Occasionally offer cash back for watching short ads (15-30 seconds)
    • Occasionally offer free product samples
    • Request a cheque after you reach at least $20
  • Who it’s for:
    • Anyone who enjoys stacking coupons
    • Anyone who hates traditional paper coupons but wouldn’t mind just taking a photo of their receipt
  • What you’ll earn:
    • high value coupon offers, often $1 or more. Can combine them with other coupons, discounts and cash back
    • $0.25 or more for watching a short video ad (periodically)
    • $5 for each friend you refer!
  • Sign up bonus:

Read my comprehensive review about Checkout 51 if you want more info.

checkout 51 earnings
Checkout 51


  • What’s it about:
    • printable and mail-in coupons
    • also have flyers to compare store sales
  • Who it’s for:
    • coupon lovers!
    • I recommend having a printer because some coupons are print only (they only mail select ones)
  • What you’ll earn:
    • $0.50 or more off of food and household products
    • can combine with cash back apps and cash for receipt apps for even more savings
  • Find it here:

Personally I don’t use that often since I don’t have a printer. They do have a few options they’ll mail to you though!

Cash Back for Receipts Apps:

4. CoinOut

  • What’s it about:
    • Earn cash for taking a photo of your receipts (from any purchase, not just grocery)
    • All receipts are accepted, as long as they’re less than 2 weeks old
    • Can also earn cash back for shopping at certain online stores through their app
  • Who it’s for:
    • Anyone who is willing to take a few seconds to take a picture of their receipts
    • great for stacking cash back apps like Caddle & Checkout 51 since you’re taking photos of your receipt already!
  • What you’ll earn:
    • CoinOut gives you up to $0.15 per receipt. On average, I find it averages out to be about $0.05 per receipt. It’s not much, but for the few seconds it takes to snap a photo of the receipt, why not!?
    • There’s a daily limit to how many receipts you can upload which varies daily, but is usually about 10 per day.
    • Earn money for each person you refer (amount varies)
    • Cash out to your bank, PayPal, or Amazon
  • Sign up here:

I really like using CoinOut! It’s so user friendly and only takes a couple seconds per receipt.

5. Field Agent

  • What’s it about:
    • It’s actually a mystery shopping app, but they often have cash back for receipts like Costco
  • Who it’s for:
    • Costco shoppers
    • people who like or are interested in trying mystery shopping
  • What you’ll earn:
    • $0.50 cash back for Costco receipts
    • Lots of opportunities to earn some extra cash doing mystery shops. I often do them while grocery shopping (including at Costco)
    • Cash out with an etransfer to your bank account
  • Sign up or learn more here:

I use Field Agent a lot for the mystery shopping aspect and have actually earned over $425 in a year! The Costco receipts would be a bonus but I don’t live near enough to shop at Costco.

6. Receipt Hog

  • What’s it about:
    • Earn cash for taking a photo of your receipts
    • Get paid to answer surveys
  • Who it’s for:
    • Anyone who is willing to take a few seconds to take a picture of their receipts or take surveys
  • What you’ll earn:
    • Earn coins, which can be cashed out to PayPal or Amazon gift cards
  • Sign up here:
    • UPDATE: as of right now, they’re not currently accepting new customers, however you can sign up to be notified when they are.

I haven’t used Receipt Hog but I signed up for the waiting list. I’m hoping it is as good as CoinOut or better!

save money on groceries

Food Discount App:

7. FlashFood

  • What’s it about:
    • “Allows shoppers to receive major discounts on foods with lower shelf life, resulting in money saved and food waste reduced!”
    • check what’s available at nearby stores, order online, and pick up in store
  • Who it’s for:
    • Loblaws banner shoppers (Loblaws, Superstore, Zehrs, No Frills, Provigo, Maxi). Hopefully more companies partner up with them soon!
  • What you’ll earn:
    • huge discounts (up to 50%) off food with short best before dates. Some of them are 2 weeks away, others are best before the day they’re listed.
    • Earn $7 for each person you refer
  • Sign up bonus:
Screen shot of flash food app showing discounted yogurt for sale
FlashFood offers

I just recently signed up for FlashFood and am really excited about it! I often shop the clearance racks so this will be similar to that. I plan on checking the app before I head to the store to see if there is anything I want.

Canadian Flyer App:

8. Flipp

  • What’s it about:
    • Flipp is a handy app/website where you can look at all the grocery store fliers in one place and compare prices.
    • They also have some printable coupons, but not much for selection. Update: Flipp no longe offers coupons
  • Who it’s for:
    • Flipp is great for shoppers who like to make a list before going shopping, or people who shop around for the best prices
  • Find it here: or in your App Store

I use it to look up a specific food, like eggs, and see which nearby store has the best price. I find it handy to see all the flyers in one place rather than having my kitchen table cluttered by the paper flyers from the mail.

Plus, you can use Flipp on your computer if you prefer to look at the flyers on your computer instead!

Online Grocery Shopping App:

9. Walmart Grocery

  • What’s it about:
    • Online shopping at Walmart
    • Grocery pickup or delivery service
  • Who it’s for:
    • Walmart shoppers
    • people who shop online
  • What you’ll earn:
    • Get free shipping on orders over $50?
    • Get $10 off your first order of $50 or more
    • Earn $10 for each person you refer
  • Sign up bonus:

I used this quite a few times to stock up on big, heavy items like 25lb bag of flour. We walk to the grocery store so it’s not easy for us to stock up sometimes. Plus a lot of items are prices soooo much better at Wal Mart than other grocery stores (but some are more, so watch out!)

10. PC Insiders

  • What’s it about:
    • membership rewards program for shoppers
    • annual fee with extra rewards and benefits (see below)
  • Who it’s for:
    • Loblaws banner shoppers who buy the following lines:
      • baby diapers & formula
      • PC Organics
      • Black Label Collection
      • Joe Fresh
      • Beauty Boutique
    • Loblaws banner shoppers who order groceries online
  • What you’ll earn:
    • 200 points for every dollar you spend (equivalent to 20%) on categories listed above
    • free shipping and grocery pickup for online orders
  • Sign up or get more info:

I have heard AMAZING things about PC Insiders. It works out to 20% back in PC Optimum points when you shop those categories, and that’s before any promotions!

Loyalty Points Programs:

11. PC Optimum

PC Optimum points
PC Optimum
  • What’s it about:
    • earn points for purchases at Loblaws banner stores (Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Superstore, Zehrs, No Frills, Provigo, Maxi)
    • use points for future purchases
    • use the app to get bonus offers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to
    • they adapt the offers based on what you buy so you get more relevant offers!
  • Who it’s for:
    • Loblaws banner shoppers
  • What you’ll earn:
    • 10000 points = $10
    • “Get points in-store, online, at points events and through personalized offers with your online account”
    • “Earn 15 points on almost every dollar you spend at Shoppers Drug Mart & Pharmaprix”
    • “Earn points even faster with a PC Financial Mastercard” and PC Insiders membership
    • “Redeem your PC Optimum points at special “spend your points” events to get even more value”
  • Sign up or get more info: or find it in the App Store

We use our PC Optimum points ALLLL the time though! We have a PC Mastercard that gives even more points per dollar so we’re constantly getting free groceries.

Last year we earned enough points to get over $400 worth of free groceries, and that’s only shopping for 2 people!

It works for us because Loblaws and Shoppers are the best places to shop in our neighbourhood so we would go there regardless if they had the loyalty rewards.

How to maximize your cash back rewards using grocery apps:

The great thing about using cash back apps, coupons and store loyalty rewards is that they’re really easy to combine to maximize your earnings!

If you combine them with sales, discounts, and rewards credit cards you’ll earn even more!

Do you know of any other great Canadian coupon apps or grocery apps in Canada? Let me know in the comments! I want to check them out!

save money on groceries

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