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Public Mobile is the most affordable cellphone plan in Canada.

They have top notch reception and coverage areas and they actually reward customers for staying with them over time, rather than jacking up prices!

In this Public Mobile review I go over Public Mobile plans, coverage area & reception, FAQ, pros and cons, as well as my personal experience with Public Mobile.

I’m also going over a brief comparison of Public Mobile to other lower cost Canadian phone plans like Freedom, Koodo, Lucky & Chatr with handy links to easily compare for yourself.

public mobile

I signed on with Public Mobile in February 2020 and wanted to wait a few months of using them before writing a review.

As of the time of writing this, I am insanely pleased with them. Over the next year, I’ll save $600 or more just from switching to Public Mobile from Telus!

I also got my partner to switch and he’ll be saving nearly $800 this year!

So that’s saving our household $1400 every single year which is HUGE!

Update July 15, 2020: I’ve now got both my plan and my partner’s plan for FREE thanks to Public Mobile’s awesome referral program! We’ll be saving over $2000 per year now!

Keep reading to see how you can get your plan for free too!

My only regret is honestly not signing up a year earlier when I first heard about them!

I was hesitant to go with Public Mobile because I literally knew no one who used it. There were virtually no reviews online and I was skeptical as to whether it was crap or not.

Finally, in a money-saving Facebook group a fellow Canadian mentioned her experience with them which prompted me to get the ball rolling to look into it more.

It took me a couple hours of researching the company and trying to find Public Mobile reviews (there aren’t many!) before I decided to sign up.

Part of the reason I delayed was because I already felt my phone plan was pretty affordable at $60/month with Telus. For comparison, my partner’s plan was $105/month!

Once I decided to sign up to Public Mobile, I got my SIM card on Amazon. Once it arrived, it took me about 20 minutes to get it installed and switched over to my new plan!

public mobile sim card

So for just a few hours of research and 20 minutes of installation, I saved literally hundreds of dollars! Totally worth my time! With a bit extra time telling my BF about it and getting him switched over, we will save literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 😲

I’ve done the research and compiled it here in this comprehensive Public Mobile review so you can save hundreds of dollars in even less time!

Public Mobile Promos

Public Mobile has certain promotions on their monthly plans that don’t require any special promotion codes as they’re just applied automatically.

Public Mobile also occasionally offers promos like “free Public Mobile SIM card when you activate in store”.

When you go to sign up, definitely do a quick search to see if they currently have any promos like that, but I wouldn’t wait around for a promo. You will likely save more on your phone bill by switching now than waiting to try and save the small $10 cost of a SIM card.

You don’t need a Public Mobile promo code to get special offers or deals on their plans, but you should definitely use a referral code when signing up because it’ll give you a $10 sign up bonus!

Head to the comments at the bottom of the page and use a Public Mobile referral code from there (since our phone plans are already free!)

Public Mobile Referral Code

I mentioned I got $10 for referring my BF, plus $1 off my bill each month.

You could literally get your phone bill down to $0 with a few referrals! As of July 2020, both mine and my BF’s phone bills are free from referring people to Public Mobile!

To me, that is one of the hugest benefits of Public Mobile over other phone companies!

And the thing about Public Mobile is that it’s actually great, so it’s a win-win when you refer someone since you’re helping them save potentially hundreds of dollars!

When they sign up using your Public Mobile referral code, they will get $10. Plus you will get $1 off your bill for each month they are with Public Mobile. That’s $12 every year.

When you sign up, make sure to use a Public Mobile referral code from the comments at the bottom of this page to get your $10 sign up bonus! If you don’t use the code, there is no sign up bonus.

While you might not have that many people to refer, their plans are still super affordable and even just one or two referrals saves you real money!

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have that money to spend how I want rather than spending it on something boring like a phone plan!

Plus, keep reading to find out other ways to get more money off your bill:

Public Mobile Review

$0 Phone Plan & Other Rewards:

The best thing about Public Mobile is that they reward loyal customers and allow you to get your phone plan down to $0!

Here’s how to do it:


Get $2 off your bill per month when you sign up for autopay.

This is a no-brainer! Save money AND simplify your life by not having to think about your payments at all!

Customer Loyalty Reward

Unlike other companies who jack up prices the longer you’ve been with them, Public Mobile actually rewards long term customers by REDUCING your monthly bill!

They take $1 off your plan per 30 days for each year you’re with them! Learn more about their loyalty reward here.

That works out to $12 per year. Sure, it’s not much, but after 5 years, that’s $60 per year. And like I said, they are rewarding you for sticking with them rather than increasing prices over time like every other company.

Referral Code

Use your Public Mobile referral code when you recommend Public Mobile to friends and family. They’ll get $10 when they sign up, plus you get $1 off your bill each month for as long as that person is with Public Mobile!

So for each person you refer, you get $12 off your phone bill every year! After referring a few people, that really adds up and can even help you get your phone plan for free!

When you sign up to Public Mobile for the first time, make sure you use a referral code from the comments to get your $10 sign up bonus!


You can get up to $20 off your bill per month by being active in the Public Mobile community forums and answering people’s questions.

To be honest, I haven’t tried this. I think it could be fun if you’re a techy person and enjoy that kind of thing. You’d basically be answering people’s tech and customer service questions via a forum.

Learn more about Public Mobile community rewards here.

Low Priced Plans

These rewards plus the low priced plans make it easy to decrease your bill to $0 or close to it!

Even if you just sign up for autopay and stick with Public Mobile for 5 years, you could save $300 for doing nothing (about $60 per year)!

If you signed up for autopay and refer 5 friends, after 5 years you could save $650 (about $130 per year!).

That’s only counting the amount you’d save from the rewards they offer. That’s not counting the amount you saved from switching to the lower priced plan from a high priced plan with another mobile company!

Public Mobile Plans

Public Mobile has several low-cost plans to choose from starting from $15 per month! See Public Mobile’s plans here.

Public Mobile offers prepaid plans with bring your own device only. They don’t sell phones at all.

Even if you have payment left on your phone with your current plan, it may be worth switching over to Public Mobile and paying the difference.

The annual savings can be quite high so it’s worth doing the math to see how many months it would take to pay for itself!

For example, my BF had $180 left on his contract. His original plan was $105/month, and he chose the $25/month plan with Public Mobile.

He signed up for autopay so got $2 off per month, bringing his total to $23/month. So each month he was saving $82 off his phone bill.

In just over 2 months, the difference was paid off and he was into pure savings!

I also went with the $25/month plan at first, but then Coronavirus happened. I realized I don’t need much data at all since I’d be at home all.the.time. so I switched to the lowest plan which is only $15/month!

I signed up for autopay which gives bonus data and $2 off per month, plus referred my BF which gave me $1 off per month as well. So I only pay $12/month for my plan!

Update: My plan is now free each month because I was able to refer more people! Woohoo! Now to get my BF’s plan for free too!

When you sign up, make sure to use a Public Mobile referral code to get your $10 sign up bonus!

Public Mobile Coverage Area & Map

Not only does Public Mobile have great coverage in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec, etc, they have solid coverage for rural areas as well!

They use Telus towers so have excellent coverage! Check Public Mobile’s coverage map here to see the coverage in your area.

Public Mobile Reception

I’ve been using Public Mobile for several months now and have had excellent reception! Since they use Telus network, the reception is top notch.

To give a few examples, I live in a basement apartment with thick walls and always have full reception. Also, I went on a hike West of Toronto near some cliffs. At the bottom of the cliff I had full reception, while my friend who was with another company only had 2 bars.

Public mobile uses 3G connection, so download speed might be a bit slower than other plans, but if you don’t mind waiting a few milliseconds to save literally hundreds of dollars a year, I think it’s worth it 😉

Public Mobile FAQ

Where to buy Public Mobile SIM cards?

You can buy Public Mobile SIM cards on, which is great because you’ll get free shipping with Amazon Prime! Click here to get 30 days free trial of Amazon Prime.

You can also get a SIM card directly from Public Mobile, here.

Public Mobile SIM cards are also available in most stores that sell SIM cards like mobile outlet retailers, WOW! Mobile Boutique, K Mobile, London Drugs, The Mobile Shop, Public Mobile Kiosks, & Walmart.

See the map of store locations that sell Public Mobile SIM cards here.

See the Public Mobile community forum for updates on these locations.

What is the Public Mobile community?

The Public Mobile community is a customer support forum where you can go to find out the answer to any of your general questions about Public Mobile.

If you participate in the community and help answer questions, you can get money off your phone bill!

Learn more about that here.

Is there a Public Mobile app?

There is not currently a Public Mobile app. Everything you need to access your account is done via the website which has a mobile friendly version.

You can see the discussion about a Public Mobile app on the community forum here.

Public Mobile vs Freedom

Freedom has bring your own phone plans starting at $40/month, while Public Mobile has plans starting at $15 per month (or lower with rewards). Please see Freedom Mobile plans and Public Mobile plans for the most up-to-date plan offers.

Public Mobile plans start lower and they offer rewards that allow you to get your plan down to $0, whereas Freedom Mobile plans start significantly higher and don’t have rewards.

Freedom has a much spottier coverage area than Public Mobile. See Freedom vs Public Mobile coverage maps here & here to compare.

Parent Company:
Freedom is owned by Shaw, while Public Mobile is owned by Telus.

Freedom sells a variety of phones or allows you to bring your own, while you’ll need to bring your own device to Public Mobile as they don’t sell devices.

Customer Service:
Freedom has a variety of support options including phone, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, & Twitter DM while Public Mobile uses a chat and community forum to answer support questions.

Public Mobile vs Koodo

Koodo has bring your own phone plans starting at $30/month, while Public Mobile has plans starting as low as $15 per month. Please see Koodo plans and Public Mobile plans for the most up-to-date plan offers.

Public Mobile plans start lower and they offer rewards that allow you to get your plan down to $0. Koodo plans start significantly higher and don’t have rewards.

Koodo and Public Mobile have the same coverage areas as they both use Telus towers. Compare Koodo vs Public Mobile coverage maps here & here.

Parent Company:
Koodo & Public Mobile are both owned by Telus.

Koodo sells a variety of phones or allows you to bring your own, while you’ll need to bring your own device to Public Mobile as they don’t sell devices.

Customer Service:
Koodo encourages you to use their self serve options online and may charge fees to have someone help you make changes to your account over the phone! Public Mobile uses a free chat and community forum to answer support questions.

Public Mobile vs Telus

Telus has bring your own phone plans starting at $35/month, while Public Mobile has plans starting as low as $15 per month. Please see Telus plans and Public Mobile plans for the most up-to-date plan offers.

Public Mobile plans start lower and they offer rewards that allow you to get your plan down to $0. Telus plans start significantly higher and don’t have rewards.

Telus and Public Mobile have the same coverage areas as they both use Telus towers. See Public Mobile vs Telus coverage maps here & here to compare.

Parent Company:
Public Mobile is owned by Telus.

Telus sells a variety of phones or allows you to bring your own, while you’ll need to bring your own device to Public Mobile as they don’t sell devices.

Customer Service:
Telus offers support in store, over the phone, via online chat, or in your MyTelus account. Public Mobile uses a free chat and community forum to answer support questions.

Lucky Mobile vs Public Mobile

Both have very similar plan offerings starting as low as $15 per month. Please see Lucky Mobile plans and Public Mobile plans for the most up-to-date plan offers.

The main difference is that Public Mobile offers rewards that allow you to get your plan down to $0, whereas Lucky Mobile doesn’t.

Both have great coverage that is very similar. They use Bell towers, so coverage may vary by area. Compare Lucky Mobile vs Public Mobile coverage maps here & here.

Parent Company:
Lucky Mobile is owned by Bell, while Public Mobile is owned by Telus.

Lucky Mobile sells a variety of entry level phones or allows you to bring your own, while you’ll need to bring your own device to Public Mobile as they don’t sell devices.

Customer Service:
Lucky has phone support, while Public Mobile uses a chat and community forum to answer support questions.

Public Mobile vs Chatr

Both have very similar plan offerings starting as low as $15 per month. Please see Chatr plans and Public Mobile plans for the most up-to-date plan offers.

The main difference is that Public Mobile offers rewards that allow you to get your plan down to $0, whereas Chatr doesn’t.

Chatr has good coverage, but it’s definitely spottier than Public Mobile’s coverage area. They use the Rogers’ towers, so coverage may vary by area. Compare Chatr vs Public Mobile coverage maps here & here.

Parent Company:
Chatr is owned by Rogers, while Public Mobile is owned by Telus

Chatr sells a variety of entry level phones or allows you to bring your own, while you’ll need to bring your own device to Public Mobile as they don’t sell devices.

Customer Service:
Chatr has phone support that may add extra processing fees, while Public Mobile uses free chat and a community forum to answer support questions.

Public Mobile vs Wind

Wind no longer exists. It is now Freedom Mobile.

Public Mobile Phone Compatibility

You need to bring your own device to Public Mobile as they don’t sell devices. Generally any regular manufacturer’s phone is compatible, but to be sure, you can easily check your phone compatibility with Public Mobile by entering the brand and model here.

Public Mobile 3G Speed

Public Mobile uses 3G speed on it’s regular plans but gives you the option to purchase a 4G data package if you’d like.

3G seems to work perfectly for me. I’ve watched videos, downloaded podcasts, uploaded photos, used GPS, and even FaceTimed using the 3G network with no issues at all.

If you’re a heavy data user or super techy, you might not like 3G, but it seems to work great for a regular user and I don’t see the need to pay more for 4G.

Public Mobile Data Overage

You will never get charged hidden data overage fees with Public Mobile.

Since they are prepaid only, if you use up your data, they’ll send you a message telling you you’ve reached your limit and offer you to add on more data. If you choose not to add on data you just won’t have any data until your next billing cycle stops. This is no big deal as you can find wifi everywhere!

To prevent using up your data before your next billing cycle, I recommend choosing a plan that meets your data use needs. Check with your current provider to see what your average usage has been over the past few months to get an idea.

It’s also a good idea to turn off data to all apps that you don’t need to be accessing with data. Sometimes they use data when you’re not even using the app which is a total waste!

Is Public Mobile good?

No need to wonder “is Public Mobile good?” any longer. I hope by reading my Public Mobile review you’ve realized that, yes, it is good! I’d even say Public Mobile is great!

I’m honestly so happy with them because they provide great value; the service is good and the price is low!

I’m definitely a value shopper. I’m not going to settle for crappy quality just to save a few dollars. With Public Mobile, I’m getting literally the exact same plan (same number, same coverage, same data & talk, etc) for less than 1/2 the price!

Public Mobile is for you if:Public Mobile is not for you if:
You’re looking for the most affordable phone plan in CanadaYou just got a new phone and can’t afford to buy it outright
You use a low to moderate amount of dataYou are a heavy data user and don’t want to compromise on that
You live in CanadaYou only want to use tech support over the phone
You have your own deviceYou live outside of Canada
You prefer to deal with tech issues online

Now that you’ve read my Public Mobile review, you should be easily able to decide if it’s right for you!

If you’re ready to sign up, follow the easy steps below:

How to Activate Public Mobile

  1. Get a Public Mobile SIM card from Public Mobile, on Amazon, or in-store.
  2. Make sure your phone is unlocked.
  3. Once you get your SIM card go to & fill out all the info including referral code (scroll to the comments below to get a code)
  4. Wait a few minutes and it’ll be activated! They will cancel your plan with your old provider and you don’t have to do anything else! So easy!

I hope you found my Public Mobile review helpful! Please share with a friend and help them get a super affordable phone plan too!

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Public Mobile






Customer Service





  • Super affordable plans
  • Great coverage
  • Customer rewards
  • No unexpected fees
  • Ability to get plan to $0/month!


  • Prepaid, bring your own phone only
  • Customer support is online only
  • Only available in Canada

86 Comments on Public Mobile Review (How I Actually Pay $0 Per Month!)

  1. What a great review!
    I am a new Public Mobile customer (since early August 2020).
    What strikes me is how people are nice in the Community and how questions are answered easily and effectively.

    Feel free to use my code: LYRZVY

    Thank you so much!

    • Thank you, Bri for all the detailed info covered in this article. Wow! I have just signed up one member and look forward to signing up the remaining members of my family. Ha! Thanks for the referral code, Geoffrey.
      Please feel free to use my sharing is caring $10 sign up bonus code EX4K7N 
      when activating with Public Mobile.

      Thank you.

  2. New offers have come up in Public Mobile. Also get discount of $10 when you activate using a referral code. You can use my code- NYEEZV

  3. Much appreciate this review – was researching providers trying to decide who to go with for my 13-year-old’s first phone – even in these pandemic times, increasingly it’s essential to be able to stay connected. Sign up on Public Mobile’s site was easy, no fuss.
    Our referral code is 55Y8Z7, or feel free to click the direct link
    to keep on paying this credit forward (thanks to Erica, posting on Sept. 7/20, whose referral code we used at sign up).

  4. A little update on our experience! Our son has been using Public Mobile for 2 weeks now and he is very happy with the service. I am also very happy with the price, and found out that he shouldn’t be able to go over his allowed data without having to purchase “extra” data, so we shouldn’t be getting any surprises. He is very careful not to use up his 250 mb haha!

    Here’s our reference Code to get 10$ off: X4E3PN

  5. I took another user’s advice and purchased my Public Mobile SIM from for $4 delivered by Canada Post to NB in 3 days.
    I opted for the $40/month plan, actually $38/month with AutoPay.

    Save $10 with this code


  6. Public mobile is such an amazing phone company. I’ve been happy with it since day one just over a year ago. Its very simple and straight forward with the rewards too.
    Feel free to use my referral code R37LNX to get a 10$ discount and to help me get to 0$ a month. Lol I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

  7. I just switched over to Public Mobile today. I was worried it would take a couple days to transfer my number, but everything was switched and ready to go within about 20 minutes! The community questions and guide are very straightforward to activate it on your own online too.

    Please feel free to use my code P0V2VN if you’re looking for a deal when you activate a plan!

  8. Very quick & painless switch from Speakout. For migration, during initial activation I used my current phone’s IMEI as the Equipment Serial Number and the number got ported automatically in about 6 hours. If you need a referral code to get a $10 discount, you can use 39X4YR

  9. Thank you for a great review!

    I just switched to Public Mobile today and excited to be saving!

    If anyone would like $10 off their sign up, here is the discount code: 2MNX45

  10. I had switched to public mobile 3 months back and am quite happy with their services.
    You can use my activate code NYEEZV to get a discount of $10

  11. Thanks for the review! I signed up for my son who needs to take public transport at 12 yo and I wanted to make sure we could reach each other in case he gets lost. I really didn’t want an expensive plan so this is perfect!

    Here’s our reference Code to get 10$ off: X4E3PN


  12. Thanks for the review!

    Just change for public mobile. Did everything from home. Only had problem when I tried to transfer my number: I kept having an error message again and again. Changed browser and it work well.

    Here is my code you can use during activation to receive a 10$ credit: P04XEP

  13. I have just signed up with Public Mobile. I was able to transfer my home landline number, previously Telus, over to my cell phone number, which I was very pleased about. Bonus – a lower Telus bill as well! I don’t have a lot of IT experience, but I was able to do this easily by following the steps outlined in the Public Mobile sign up process. We have two more cell phones in our home, and we are changing them over too.

    Please use my referral code for a $10 discount when you sign up if you found this information helpful. Referral Code is P0RPPX.

  14. Great information! We have been with public mobile for a year and have a great experience so far. We have saved so much money. My referral code is R3MMWE. Feel free to use it to save more money when you sign up!

  15. Thanks for the great information. I have signed up my self and daughter. The only way this could be better is if someone uses my activation code.
    Enjoy $10 bonus credit when you enter this code during activation: 0EQNW4

  16. Awesome review Bri!

    I used to have Rogers mobile a long time ago and have noticed reception problems especially in the middle of larger buildings. Now that I’ve had a PM for a while, reception is definitely better since they are on the Telus network (Well out here in Western Canada anyways) I love it!

    I’d like to include my referral code for anyone that wants to sign up with a $10 credit. Please use code: W2P7Y0

  17. My 72 year old dad is a huge fan of Public Mobile. He’s been a long time customer and is pretty excited to be getting his bill lowered every year for continuing to be a customer. I’d love to help him achieve his goal of $0 so if anyone would like to use his referral code I’d be grateful! OJR4VE. He will be over the moon! Thank you!

  18. Thank you for the detailed review Bri. It was most helpful.

    I joined PM this week and used a referral code, after purchasing a SIM card for $2.99 from Canadian Cell Supplies.
    A little research and shopping around online can pay off.

    As others have done, I’ll offer my $10 bonus code for anyone thinking of signing up. 7PNPN8

    Thank you.

  19. Hi Bri,

    Thank you for this thorough review! Public is seriously a hidden gem – why the heck was I paying $55/month for 2GB with Fido, I have no idea! Before tax, if I get 2GB with Public I would pay $30 with all my accumulated discounts! That’s (25*12)= $300/year saved!

    If you would like to enjoy these same benefits and get $10 off your first month, please use my code: MY4WQQ

  20. Hi Bri,

    Thank you for your thorough review! I found it very informative and helpful.

    Just found out Public Mobile is now offering a 2 GB plan for $30. With autopay, it’s unbeatable at $28.

    I got my SIM card for $3 from Canadian Cell Supplies, free shipping included.

    Also some stores (like Walmart, London Drugs) will include the SIM card at no charge when you activate your account in store. Since there’s no activation fee, the only upfront cost is your plan package fee for the first 30 days.

    I recently switched over and am loving the savings.

    Thank you!

    Dear readers, please use my referral code if you need one.
    “PX6J44” Thanks!

    • Hi Guylaine

      Yes! You can use a referral code for any sign up including in store at Walmart.

      If for some reason, it was missed during sign up, Public Mobile will let you add the referral to your account. You can submit a ticket to their Moderators.

      To find out how, go on their community forum and search “how to add a referral code”.

  21. I just signed up using a code from these comments! It was so easy. I was a bit worried about being without a phone for a couple hours while everything got set up (I’m on my phone a lot for work), but it was super quick! I read this article about 4 times before I switched over, so thank you for all of the helpful information.

    Referral Code for $10 off: VNRVVM

  22. Thanks Bri!

    This review really sold me on switching to Public Mobile! Their prices and incentives are hard to beat and the sign up process was super easy! I was happy with my previous provider (Virgin Mobile), but when I realized how much I could save by switching it was an easy decision!

    My referral code is P034OY to get $10 back when you sign up!

  23. Hi Bri,

    Really awesome post! I switched over from Fido to Public about 3 months ago and I’m super happy! Especially considering I don’t use really anything beyond 1GB (not even close to that during the pandemic) it made so much sense with Public’s reasonable plans. With Fido I had 6GB – and used no where near that amount *face palm*. With this switch I am saving over $500 annually in phone bill expenses!

    For whoever wants to make the switch, you can get a $10 credit using my referral code: MY4WQQ

  24. Thanks for the article, I just signed Up for the service. 25$ per month for data, Unlimited calls and text is really good. Here’s my referral code if somebody is interested on the 10$ bonus credit : KY4N4Y

  25. I signed up last year ( X097O4 ) and I autopaid and received the $2 off each bill and then months later my husband switched so I am saving $1 from his sign up. I haven’t found anyone else to signup yet, but this blog post is great to send to my friends to help them understand how Public Mobile works. Thanks!!! 🇨🇦

    • Ya even those $3 savings per month add up, especially in addition to what you’re saving by having a lower priced plan! Plus you’ll get another $1 off per month each year you’re with them. I hope you are able to refer a few more people though 🙂

  26. I’ve been using Public Mobile for almost a year now. It’s perfect for my wife and I. We get exactly the amount of data we need, the great coverage of the Telus network, and a very good value price. One complaint I have is that you can’t make calls over Wifi. PM if you’re listening, this is an option I would pay an extra couple dollars for.

    Of course the excellent referral price reductions are a HUGE bonus too! You can eventually get your phone plan for free. Here is my code when you are ready to make the switch.

  27. Great write up, Bri! My husband and I have been with Public Mobile for over a year now and we’re loving it. We’re racing one another down to the $0 bill, anyone who wants to help me keep my lead can use my code: 0XR2XX (That’s a zero) 🙂

  28. I’ve had Public Mobile for over a year and both my wife and father in-law have switched over. When I speak with friends about it, they don’t believe it can be this cheap.

    Don’t over think it, just sign up and I’d appreciate you using my referral code! 76NV72 “Account Setup”

    • I’ve talked to some friends and family who aren’t frugal minded and they just don’t get it… Why not pay less for the exact same thing? You even get to keep your old number!

  29. I started with Telus, then went to Koodo and then switched to Public Mobile and I have no complaints. They all use the Telus Network and the few questions I have had, have been answered by the community. My code is NR62Y4 and I would be happy to refer you.

    • Ya I love that Public Mobile has the same coverage as Telus. Such a no brainer to switch as I was also with Telus before. Now I’m getting the exact same plan for hundreds of dollars less per year!

  30. I recently changed my cell phone plan from Koodo to Public Mobile. I have kept my number, gained more data than my old plan all for less money per month. I am so happy I made the switch. My referral code is: WX4O8J If anyone else would like to join the referral code will give you $10 off your bill and it will reduce my monthly bill by $1. Win Win!

  31. Wow, congrats on getting your plan down to zero! I have had public mobile for 2 years now with no issues. It really is the most competitively-priced phone plan in Canada. Its BYOB policy has actually been good for me to buy used phones instead of getting suckered into buying new with monthly payments. Thanks for offering to pay it forward, my referral code is RY2NY8.

    • Oh ya that’s another great benefit… no high pressure upselling for new phones! So glad to hear you’re still happy with Public Mobile after 2+ years!

  32. I really enjoyed the write up! The biggest concern for some people I think will be the customer service.

    It’s fairly bare bones. No call in line, no customer service really. They have the community forum which for the most part covers everything, but if you want to call in and have someone hand hold you through the process or you are highly anti technology then this is 100% not for you.

    My Public code is: XXWN4K

    You can thank Chrissy for directing me here.

    • Totally. We haven’t switched over our senior relatives because they would not feel comfortable without phone support so it’s just not the right fit for them. For me on the other hand, I hate talking on the phone and would MUCH rather ask for help online! lol

  33. Where was this right up when I was first looking into Public?! This page would have saved me so much time lol. As you have articulated PM is a solid choice for most people.

    My Public code is : KW6LN2

    Thanks again!

    • Lol there aren’t many articles about Public Mobile at all! I was happy to write this to share my findings with people who were looking for it and having this post also helped me refer enough people to get our plans for free so it was win-win!

  34. I’ve only been on Public Mobile for a year but have had no issues with it so do not regret my decision to switch over to get similar or better features at a low price. It conforms to my frugal “Coast FI” life 🙂 This review is really good so it probably answered most of your questions but I’d be happy to answer any questions as well. Here’s another referral code: 057Z93

    • After I added up what our phone plans were costing us annually I was shocked to see how much it was! So happy to be saving literally thousands of dollars per year with no additional effort and no sacrifices in service!

  35. What an amazing post Bri! Public Mobile really is one of the best mobile phone plan providers out there in Canada and you’ve illustrated so clearly why! Hopefully more and more people make the switch over and are able to save a significant amount each month/year just from this one move.

    We too are Public Mobile users and wrote a blog post as well highlighting why we love it so much. Here’s the post if you’re interested in reading more.

    If anyone is looking for a referral code, ours is M4O794 (that’s a capital “o” not the number zero). Thanks!

    • Haha ah awesome! I thought that may have been what you were referring to in your post but wasn’t 100% sure. Glad you read it, found it useful, made the switch for you and your boyfriend, got you plan down to $0, and now are helping so many others with this post you wrote about it! Hopefully more and more people figure out how awesome of a set up it is!

  36. I love this post! Thanks for sharing it. Using Public Mobile has been a no-brainer for me ever since I found out about it, and I keep waiting to find out what the “catch” is, and there simply isn’t any. Highly recommend it.

    For anybody who needs a referral code, here is mine: 76P5NX

    • Totally! That’s why I waited to write this post until after I had been with them a while and could confidently recommend them. Turns out there was no need to worry at all!

  37. What a great blog post. Public Mobile is a great company. I’ve been with them for over a year and have been very impressed with them. If you need a code, my code is WNEL6Y. Thanks!

  38. I was so excited to find Public Mobile last year. I don’t use a lot of data but the plans that were out there were still so ridiculously priced. I had to figure out a few things when first signed up but I haven’t had go do anything since. No company bugging me about upgrading my phone or trying to buy a “better deal”. Love it.
    Please feel free to use my referral code: 76NKXX
    Have fun and be free!

    • OMG I love that Public Mobile doesn’t try to constantly upsell customers into upgrading and paying more all the time.

  39. Wow great review. Like you my only regret is that I didn’t switch over earlier. We switched my husband’s phone over a year ago. He doesn’t use his phone much so I figured if Public Mobile was garbage it wouldn’t matter too much to him

    Well turns out I was completely wrong. Public Mobile is far from garbage and is great. I’ve recently change my plan and am so happy paying a fraction of the cost. I’m a heavy phone user for data and talk and have had no issues with Public Mobile.

    I highly recommend it to anyone. If you want to switch and would be so kind as to use my promo code it would be greatly appreciated – E9P6R3

    • Luckily my BF didn’t take long to convince to switch over. Once the SIM card arrived, his account was all set up in about 20 minutes! All-in-all it took under 1hr total to convince him, order the SIM card, and get the account set up. Considering he’ll be saving over $1200/year that was a GREAT return on investment!!

  40. Public Mobile is one of the cheapest companies out there! I’ve been with them for about a year and they are great. I loved your article, so detailed with lots of awesome info!! If anyone is looking for a code, feel free to use VPEWW9. Thanks!

    • Yes Public Mobile has the best prices I could find, and thats even before the awesome reward bonuses like referring friends, using auto pay, and loyalty bonuses! I love companies that reward customers for loyalty rather than up the prices year after year.

  41. What a great comprehensive article!! I’ve been with Public Mobile for a couple of years. They really are a great company! Feel free to use my referral code: 3NLKEW

  42. Hi Bri!

    I signed up with Public Mobile a year ago and I am also more than satisfied with their service! A great way to save on phone bills!

    You can use my referral code for a 10$ credit on a new account!



  43. I switched to Public Mobile from Koodo and have been really happy with the service. I was concerned about the 3G speed, but haven’t noticed any difference, and since it’s the same network, no difference in coverage. To someone who hasn’t switched, we probably all sound like crazy evangelists, but we’re not. We’re all just happy to share a good deal when we find one. My referral code is PQPOQ4.

    • Right!? We’ve told some friends and family about it and they aren’t convinced yet lol Hope yours get’s paid off soon

  44. Hi Bri,
    I am really glad I came across your blog as I was looking for something that combined healthy eating and frugality last night. I look forward to diving into you posts and will subscribe. I would love to share my public mobile referral code with your readers.


    Thank you so much!

  45. Thanks Bri!
    I found your well-researched article very helpful.

    I’ve just joined PM and would like to share the following referral code – 39602V – for those that want to receive a $10 credit when they activate a new account.

  46. Get Canada’s largest mobile network for the lowest possible price. Enjoy $10 bonus credit when you enter this code during activation: 76MLYX

  47. very nice review Bri !
    I just signed up with Public Mobile, and am pretty satisfied with the service so far!

    If I have issues though, I’ve been directed to the community forum, has it been helpful, in your experience?


    • Great! I’m so glad!

      I personally haven’t had any problems so haven’t needed to reach out to the community to be honest! I have used the community forums to search for answers to questions I had and have been able to find the answer to anything I’ve been looking for!

      I can see how not having customer support via phone would worry some people, but for me, I’d rather not pay a lot extra every month for something I’ve never even used. I was with Telus for 4 years I think, and the only time I ever needed to contact them was to see if I could get a lower phone bill when my phone was paid off. They said no, there were no lower offers. So needless to say, I switched to Public Mobile! Now I can just change my plan online whenever I want to.

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