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Ease of use


Offer selection


Earning Opportunities



  • High value offers
  • Coupons for healthy foods
  • Super easy to use
  • Pays cash, not gift cards
  • Easily stack with other discounts
  • Sign up & referral bonuses
  • Available in Canada & USA


  • Some offers for certain brands aren't widely available
  • Payment is via check, so have to wait for it to be mailed
  • Minimum cash out threshold
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I’m all about saving money on groceries wherever possible. Especially when it’s fun, quick, and easy to do!

Enter: Checkout 51!

I created this Checkout 51 review to be as complete of a resource as possible.

When I was searching for Checkout 51 reviews, there were a few, but none of them answered all of my questions! I had to piece together the information I was looking for and try the app for myself for some time before getting a solid understanding of what they offer.

Checkout 51 Review

What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a cash back app for groceries and household goods. It’s kind of like digital coupons, but better, because you don’t even have to show them at the store to get cash back!

How does Checkout 51 work?

It works by getting offers from manufacturers and sending the savings on to you! All you have to do is buy the product, upload the receipt, and get your cash back! It’s one of my favorite grocery cash back apps available!

Checkout 51 probiotics

How to use Checkout 51

Every Thursday they upload new offers. I look through the offers and save any that I’m interested in.

I look over the offers again before I go shopping in case I come across something I might not normally buy, but it will be super cheap (or even free!) after the cash back.

Then I shop as normal. When I get home, I take a photo of the receipt, select the items I purchased for cash back, and send it in!

The receipts are processed within 48h, but usually much sooner. Then the money is added to your account!

Once you reach $20 you can request to cash out. They’ll send you a check in the mail.

I probably spend no more than a couple minutes a week using the Checkout 51 app because it’s so easy and quick to use!

This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them, at no additional cost to you. See disclosure policy for details.

Checkout 51 sign up bonus

When you sign up and upload your first receipt, you automatically get a $5 sign up bonus! Get your $5 Checkout 51 sign up bonus now!

Is there a Checkout 51 referral program?

YEP! In addition to getting the $5 sign up bonus, they will also pay you $5 for each person you refer! This is a super easy way to earn a lot of money quickly! Refer 10 friends, earn $50 cash!

There is no limit to how many people you can refer (AKA no limit to your earnings)!

You don’t even need a referral code or anything, just send them your referral link. They will need to click through your link, sign up, and redeem their first offer. After that, both your accounts will be credited with the bonuses. Pretty easy!

Checkout 51’s referral program helps them get new users to sign up and earn cash back!

Start referring your friends and helping them save money by signing up HERE.

save money on groceries

Checkout 51 FAQ

How much can I earn?

I’m not sure of the average earnings across the app.

I’ve earned an average of about $5 per month using it but I think typical families could earn a lot more.

checkout 51 earnings

For instance, we don’t have kids or pets, we don’t really drink alcohol, we cook mostly from scratch (not much packaged foods), and we make our own cleaning products. Those are some of the major categories on the app so if you normally purchase those things, you could definitely save more!

You may think $5 a month isn’t much. It isn’t really, BUT, at the same time, I could easily buy extra fruits and vegetables each month with that money to help afford a healthier diet. Or I could save it up for the year and get a free week or more of groceries ($5 x 12 months = $60).

That $5 a month isn’t much, but it’s definitely better than nothing!

I imagine a family with pets or kids in diapers could easily save $20 a month or more!

checkout 51 babies

There is nothing to lose for trying it. You’ll actually get $5 just for signing up and uploading a receipt!

Is Checkout 51 legitimate?

YES! I’ve been using the app for 2 years now and have cashed out several times so I know it’s a legitimate company. Plus, they’ve been around since 2012.

What do they have deals on?

Checkout 51 has deals on virtually anything you can find in a grocery store, including much more than just food.

Most of the deals are on well known brand name products, but they have a fair few deals on natural products and up and coming brands too.

checkout 51 pantry

Checkout 51’s deals fall into the following categories:

  • Seasonal: Easter chocolates, Halloween candy, etc
  • Snacks & Sweets: crackers, chips, candy, nuts, etc
  • Pantry: flour, condiments, broth, fruit cups, cereal, etc
  • Dairy & Eggs: milk, cheese, yogurt, etc
  • Deli & Ready Meats: beef jerky, sandwich meat, etc
  • Meat & Seafood: brand name packaged meat and seafood
  • Home: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, laundry supplies, zip top bags, etc
  • Personal Care: shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, razors, etc
  • Medicine & Health: over the counter medicine (traditional and natural products), insoles, probiotics, multivitamins, etc
  • Beverages: coffee, tea, etc
  • Beer, Wine, & Spirits: brand names
  • Frozen: frozen meals
  • Babies & Kids: diapers, wipes, etc
  • Pet: food, treats, etc
  • More Ways to Save: upload a receipt of $60 or more for a chance to win $500, occasionally video ads to watch for $0.10-$0.25 each

You can see their current offers HERE.

medicine health cash back offers

Why does Checkout 51 give you money?

Sometimes people wonder why Checkout 51 is giving away money. The main reason they do it is because the companies want us to buy their products so they provide a cash back incentive through the app. It’s very similar to a company sending out paper coupons. The reason they do it is to get more people to buy their products!

While I’m not totally sure how Checkout 51 is paid, they probably get a percentage of the cash back, are paid a listing fee by the companies, or something similar.

Can you use Ibotta and Checkout 51 at the same time?

YES! As long as you’re eligible for both programs or unless it specifies otherwise, Checkout 51 rebates can be combined with other cash back offers. Click here to try it now (and get $5 sign up bonus)!

Checkout 51 is available in the US and Canada, while Ibotta is only available in the US. So I guess you have to live in the United States to be able to combine offers between these two programs.

Read my epic Ibotta Review if you want more info about it (plus a $10 promo code just for trying it!)

Can I use it when I pay with food stamps, store loyalty points or gift cards?

YES! The method of payment doesn’t matter when getting cash back, so you can use it even if you didn’t pay cash.

The only thing they require is that you have an itemized receipt so they can confirm that you actually bought the product.

Checkout51 pet food offers

Checkout 51 Cheats

Ok, I’m not going to lie, these aren’t really cheats. I’m not into cheating the system and I wouldn’t promote it to anyone else either, because then the app could be made less valuable or shut down altogether!

These are some totally legitimate ways to use Checkout 51 to it’s full potential and get the most cash back:

1. Combine coupons, sales, markdowns, store loyalty, rewards points, & other cash back apps

Checkout 51 allows you to combine discounts for most offers. Occasionally there is an offer that specifies it can’t be combined with other coupons, BUT you should always be able to combine cash back offers with store loyalty points, sales, and discounts.

I’ve even gotten PAID to purchase food after combining several of these methods! I’m not normally an extreme couponer, BUT sometimes the opportunity presents itself and you’ve just gotta go with it!

2. Use other people’s receipts

Occasionally I ask friends and family if I can scan their receipt. It’s good in a couple ways.

Firstly, you can get a bit of cash back without even having to buy the product!

Secondly, by showing them you earned cash back by taking a photo of the receipt, they might be interested in signing up themselves!

You can earn $5 through Checkout 51 referral program, and they earn $5 just for trying it, so it’s a win-win!

Sometimes I even pick up receipts I find and look to see if there is any cash back opportunities on there. I would totally pick up a coin on the ground, so why not the potential to earn cash back from a receipt?

Checkout 51 beverages tea coffee

3. Use multiple accounts

In our house, both me and G have the app. He doesn’t often use it, but we do use it when there is a super good offer that has a limit.

For example, if we can get $1 off a block of cheese, and there is a limit of 1 per person, we just buy it on separate receipts and each get the cash back offer on each of our accounts!

My personal review of Checkout 51

What I like about Checkout 51:

  • easy to use, fast
  • discreet. No one has to know you’re using it as you just upload the receipt at home instead of dealing with coupons at the store
  • don’t have to search for, print, or clip coupons, bring them to the store, hold up the checkout line, etc
  • lots of offers to choose from
  • many healthy options
  • they have offers for more than just the big brand names, but also have the big brand names too
  • high value cash back: most offers are $1 or more, often even $5!
  • occasionally offer cash back on unbranded products ie: $0.25 back on bananas
  • many offers can be redeemed multiple times
  • payment is in cash, not gift cards or points like some other programs
  • you don’t need a smart phone to use it! You can use it by uploading photos of your receipt via your computer. This is pretty unique as other similar programs are only available via smartphone apps.
  • Checkout 51 referral program gives you $5 for each new person you refer!
checkout 51 review ways to save

What I don’t like about it:

  • not all brands are available at all stores
  • sometimes only feature a single flavor or package type, which might not be available at every store
  • mostly packaged foods: I don’t buy a lot of packaged foods
  • mostly name brand products: I buy the least expensive brand. Often the store brand is still cheaper than the name brand with rebate so it’s not always worth it.
  • you have to have an itemized receipt. I mean obviously they need to see that you bought the product, but I shop at a the farmers market and a produce stand that don’t give receipts so occasionally I can’t redeem the cash back even if I actually bought the product!
  • you can only cash out after $20
  • they only offer cash outs via a check sent in the mail, so it takes 2-3 weeks to get it
  • it’s tempting to try new things. It’s only a deal if you were going to buy the product anyway

For me, the aspects I like about the Checkout 51 app outweigh the things I don’t love about it. I recommend trying it for yourself if you’re at all interested!

Checkout 51 is for you if:

  • you want to get $5 right away using the Checkout 51 sign up bonus
  • you love couponing and are looking to maximize the discounts
  • you hate traditional couponing but still want to save money on your groceries
  • you like easy ways to save money
  • you want to use cash back apps but don’t have a smartphone. It’s one of the only programs that allows you to upload receipts via a computer!
  • you like sharing great deals with friends so you can take advantage of the Checkout 51 referral program and earn $5 for each person you refer!

It’s not for you if:

  • you always buy store brand, bulk, or unpackaged foods. You probably won’t find many opportunities to save as most of the offers are for packaged goods
  • you don’t feel comfortable showing what you bought. It is another organization knowing your buying habits
  • you can’t be bothered about saving a few dollars on your grocery bill
  • you really can’t resist a good deal, even if you don’t need it! You might end up buying things you don’t really need because of a good deal, but that could end up costing you more overall
Checkout 51 cleaning supplies

Overall, I definitely recommend everyone at least try Checkout 51.

Even if you only redeem a few offers per month, why not?

It’s completely free money, you get $5 just for trying it with the Checkout 51 sign up bonus, and it hardly takes any time.

I hope you found my Checkout 51 review helpful! Let me know if you have any questions about it or have something to add to my review!

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Checkout 51 Review. Is it worth your time?
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