kitchen with minimalist Christmas decoration by night

Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas

A minimalist Christmas is one where you choose the gifts and activities intentionally and in alignment with a minimalist lifestyle. Choosing fewer but more intentional gifts, simplifying your gift list, and wrapping gifts intentionally make each gift more meaningful to the recipient than a huge pile of gifts. When it comes to minimimalist Christmas gifting, […] Read more…

minimalist Christmas cards

Minimalist Cards Picked Just For You

Minimalist cards have a simple design and generally feature subdued colors, neutrals or even black and white. Preference is given to hand made cards with natural materials but many mainstream card brands have options that fit the minimalist aesthetic too. Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail from a loved one. Especially this […] Read more…

minimalist celebration tart on plate

Hosting a Minimalist Dinner Party

Entertaining or hosting a dinner party as a minimalist can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. You’ve minimized your kitchenware, but now don’t have enough for all your guests. You want to make a nice impression, but don’t want to store a bunch of decorations just to be used once or twice […] Read more…

coupons and scissors. is couponing really worth it?

Is Couponing Worth It?

There is such a hype about couponing in the frugal world, but is couponing really worth it? How much time will you spend to save a buck? Being a frugal minimalist, there is always this pull between saving money and trying to simplify my life and routines. In my experience, coupons are one of those […] Read more…

what to do with leftover cranberry sauce

What To Do With Leftover Cranberry Sauce?

Wondering what to do with leftover cranberry sauce now that your holiday feast is over? No worries! I’ve collected 21 awesome ideas for what to do with it! Whether you freeze it to use later, or recreate a new recipe with it, don’t let that sweet and tart cranberry yumminess go to waste! Use it […] Read more…

minimalist halloween decor

6 Clutter-free Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is decidedly quite un minimalist in most ways. But I’m going to challenge you to that it is possible to decorate for silly holidays like Halloween without filling your house with plastic dollar store clutter! Minimalist Halloween Decor Minimalist Halloween decor is usually a combination of natural elements like branches, flowers, pumpkins, and leaves. […] Read more…

Minimalist Black Friday Shopping Bags

Frugal Minimalist Black Friday

As a frugal minimalist, what are you supposed to do about Black Friday? On one hand, you’re so thankful for what you already have and want to avoid the consumerism trap that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday. On the other hand, some of the sales really are a great deal which totally appeals to your frugal […] Read more…

piggy bank and coins cheap vs frugal

The Difference Between Frugal & Cheap (Thrifty & Stingy)

Do you know the difference between frugal and cheap? I know a lot of people who use frugal and cheap interchangeably, as if they’re two different words for the same thing. Newsflash: They’re not. The main difference between frugal and cheap is the focus and intention behind the desire to save money. Frugal people focus […] Read more…

minimalist white orchids

Top Frugal Minimalist Blogs & YouTubers

Looking for frugal minimalist blogs and videos? This list will guide you to the top resources on living like a frugal minimalist! In this list I’ve included blog posts and YouTube videos that talk about frugal minimalism. Some focus completely on frugal minimalism, while others mention frugal minimalism while focusing on the synonyms, simple or […] Read more…

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