Fridge liners are a thin plastic barrier you put on the shelves and the bottom of fridge drawers to make cleanup easier.

If there is a spill, simply take the liner out to wash instead of having to lean deep into the cold fridge to try to reach the back of the shelves.

The type of liner you choose for your fridge is personal, but luckily for you, there are different options!

I’m going to go over some of the best options including clear shelf liners, colored shelf liners, shelf liners for wire shelves, as well as a DIY option.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get washable plastic refrigerator shelf liners which are different than paper shelf liners designed for inside cupboards. The paper won’t hold up to the humidity inside your fridge.

What are the best fridge shelf liners?

The best refrigerator shelf liners are:

  • plastic
  • washable
  • food safe
  • transparent
  • strong but flexible

I’d recommend getting transparent fridge shelf liners so that the light can pass through them and not make the bottom of your fridge dark.

Also make sure you choose washable liners for your fridge because the whole point of them is to make cleanup easier.

fridge shelf liner

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I have heard of people using Glad Press ‘n’ Seal which would be slightly washable but since it’s stuck down, I don’t really see that there’s any benefit to trying to wash it compared to a bare shelf.

The only benefit would be that you just peel it off and replace it when it gets dirty. This option can work, but wouldn’t it be more annoying and time consuming to try to fit the plastic wrap to the shelf than to simply just wash the shelf?

Plus plus the plastic wrap is susceptible to tearing and I feel it is quite wasteful to be throwing away that much plastic.

A better option would be to purchase durable and reusable fridge shelf liners like these ones.

Washable plastic shelf liners are extra helpful if you have an older fridge with wire racks. The plastic will minimize any mess from dripping onto everything below it.

It’s easier to wipe down a sheet of plastic than it is to get into every crevice of wire racks after a sticky spill!

transparent refrigerator drawer liner

Clear Fridge Liners

I personally would prefer clear refrigerator liners because I like my kitchen to look minimalist and simple.

Clear liners will let the most light pass through the shelves and allow the packaging of the food in your fridge to stand out rather than competing with or blending into a colored background.

Here are some clear refrigerator shelf liner options:

Colorful Fridge Liners

You could also use color tinted liners to color code different areas of your fridge. This would be a fun and simple way to remind kids to put things back where they belong!

For example, red for meats, blue for dairy, green for vegetables, yellow for leftovers or ready to eat foods.

This would keep your fridge organized a lot more easily! Read more fridge organization tips in this article.

Here are some multi-colored refrigerator shelf liners:


What do you line refrigerator shelves with?

Line your refrigerator shelves with Glad Press ‘n’ Seal or specially designed refrigerator shelf mats, like these, for best results.

Can we use a shelf liner in the fridge?

Choose a shelf liner that is specifically made for a fridge.

Some shelf liner products, like what you can find here, are designed for cupboards and drawers. Most of these wouldn’t be suitable for using in a fridge because the refrigerator is a humid environment and would break down paper-based shelf liners.

Make sure the shelf liner you use in your fridge is made of plastic to avoid this issue.

Do I really need shelf liners?

No fridge shelf liners aren’t necessary, but they can help make cleaning and organizing your fridge easier.

Which of these fridge liners did you end up buying? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 Comments on The Best Fridge Liners to Keep Your Fridge Clean

  1. I like fridge liners that are absorbent to keep bottles and containers from sliding around. I bought thick paper towel like liners for the drawers and door shelves that work great and coordinate them w the color of most of my plastic wares like spatulas and plastic totes, Pyrex lids, spatulas, etc. I use long clear caddies also lined w these liners for bottles and storing away other items. Keeps our fridge organized. Try to buy biodegradable and recyclable products always. We just ran out of plastic film wrap a few months ago and will no longer be buying it. Using wax paper for just about everything now. Fabric towels over one time use paper towels fir most not all spills.

    • I would assume you could use linen tea towels as a shelf liner in your fridge without affecting the function of the fridge as long as you don’t cover any vent holes. The downsides is that a tea towel wouldn’t help decrease the mess if something spilled like a plastic shelf liner does. Because you would have to take everything off the shelf, remove the tea towel, wipe the shelf, wash the tea towel, and put another tea towel on. It would be much easier to just wipe the mess off the glass shelf or the plastic shelf liner. Plus the tea towel would hold onto moisture and smells from the fridge as well as block the light to the lower levels of the fridge. I personally would rather use nothing than use a tea towel. Hope that helps you decide if you want to use a tea towel as a refrigerator shelf liner or not.

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