Halloween is decidedly quite un minimalist in most ways. But I’m going to challenge you to that it is possible to decorate for silly holidays like Halloween without filling your house with plastic dollar store clutter!

Minimalist Halloween Decor

Minimalist Halloween decor is usually a combination of natural elements like branches, flowers, pumpkins, and leaves.

I think it’s important to incorporate all of our senses into decorating for the season.

Instead of just things to look at, think of what you could include that adds seasonal smells, tastes, sounds and touch as well.

If you’re making seasonal food like themed sugar cookies, put them on display! Light a scented candle and put on a creepy sound track.

To add even more Halloween flair without having to store decorations for the rest of the year, check out these minimalist Halloween decor ideas for some inspiration!

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There’s nothing like autumn scents to get you in the mood for Halloween. A scented candle probably does more to set the mood than any amount of decor ever could. You can find soooo many delicious options here.

Think of all the delicious fall scents filling your home:

If you’re feeling extra Halloween-y, go for something even spookier like:

Minimalist Halloween Printables

Printable Halloween artwork is also super minimalist! Simply print out a cute themed print and display it in a picture frame.

You could either save the artwork in a binder for next year, or print a new one next year. Switch the artwork out depending on the season and you can have your holiday spirit year round with virtually nothing to store!

Check out these adorable minimalist Halloween printables, or browse by category:

Halloween Letter Board

Use your letterboard to display a cheeky Halloween message. Or get some cute Halloween themed letterboard icons that won’t take up much space at all in the off season!

If you don’t yet have a letterboard, get one here.

Halloween Themed Hand Soap

Hand soap is perfect for a minimalist halloween! Put it out early October and it will get used up by the time Halloween is over! You can get hand made Halloween themed bar soap or Halloween scented liquid soap.

Other Minimalist Halloween Ideas

Like I mentioned earlier, getting into the mood of the holiday can encompass so much more than just putting out a few decorations.

If you like planning, using a Halloween planner will give you some focused time to really get in the Halloween spirit!

Try some halloween activities or halloween baking with your kids. Here are some more ideas for you:

Minimalist Halloween Planner

This planner is PERFECT for you if you just love to plan every last detail! It’s a digital undated planner with pages specifically for planning a minimalist Halloween and fall season.

Halloween Cookies

Make some halloween memories with one of these Halloween cookie kits! You can still have all the fun of purple icing, orange and black sprinkles, and Halloween shaped cookies, without having to clutter your kitchen with those things you’ll only use once a year.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or are not the DIY type at all, check out these gorgeous decorated Halloween sugar cookies.

Whether you go for mainly a minimalist decor esthetic, or are more minimalist in trying to store fewer things, I hope you found some inspiration!

If you want even more minimalist Halloween inspo, check out Etsy’s Halloween shop here.

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4 Comments on 6 Clutter-free Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas

  1. Yes to allll the candles. Probably my favorite low-budget way to decorate. I think I’m a minimalist naturally because the thought of decorating – and all the THINGS that go with it – is overwhelming to me. I love the idea of decorations you can eat, though! Totally doing that. TY!

  2. this is a great post! I always want to decorate but I really don’t want to buy more stuff to have to pack up once the holiday is over. Thanks for sharing it!

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