minimalist dinnerware

The Best Minimalist Dinnerware Set for Everyday Use

Last year we got a new dinnerware set. It is simple, classic, minimalist dinnerware. Let me tell you, being frugal and a minimalist, I didn’t see the need for a new set of dishes. The ones we had were a simple white set. Sure they had a few chips and we were missing a bowl […] Read more…

Simple living quotes

100+ Simple Life Quotes to Help You Live Simply

These simple living quotes from authors, celebrities, & famous historical people are sure to inspire you! No matter your path, reading some quotes about simple living is a great way to learn about some of the concepts and feel motivated to take action towards simplifying your life. My simple living journey started as a child […] Read more…

minimalist quotes purple linen background

200+ Minimalist Quotes to Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

This comprehensive list of the best minimalist quotes is sure to inspire you along your minimalist journey! Whether you’re looking for quotes from the ‘Minimalism’ documentary, Marie Kondo quotes, or just inspiring minimalist quotes in general, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here! There are even minimalism quotes from Aristotle and other […] Read more…

minimalist Christmas cards

Minimalist Cards Picked Just For You

Minimalist cards have a simple design and generally feature subdued colors, neutrals or even black and white. Preference is given to hand made cards with natural materials but many mainstream card brands have options that fit the minimalist aesthetic too. Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail from a loved one. Especially this […] Read more…

minimalist celebration tart on plate

Hosting a Minimalist Dinner Party

Entertaining or hosting a dinner party as a minimalist can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. You’ve minimized your kitchenware, but now don’t have enough for all your guests. You want to make a nice impression, but don’t want to store a bunch of decorations just to be used once or twice […] Read more…

minimalist halloween decor

6 Clutter-free Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is decidedly quite un minimalist in most ways. But I’m going to challenge you to that it is possible to decorate for silly holidays like Halloween without filling your house with plastic dollar store clutter! Minimalist Halloween Decor Minimalist Halloween decor is usually a combination of natural elements like branches, flowers, pumpkins, and leaves. […] Read more…

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