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digital minimalism

10 Easy Ideas to Embrace Digital Minimalism

We’re all familiar with being overwhelmed with clutter but when we work on decluttering our lives, we often forget about the clutter and disorganization that happen on our phones and computers! Digital minimalism is the solution! If you’re not familiar with digital minimalism, it’s basically like minimalism for non-physical clutter. Think: Thousands of unorganized photos […] Read more…

mom and son washing vegetables

How Much Should I Spend On Groceries?

Grocery spending varies so much so it’s little surprise we’re left wondering how much to spend on groceries. The USDA estimates Americans spend about 10% of their income on food. That includes groceries and eating out. I’ve invited Robbie, a personal finance blogger from EAT Money, to dive into the question “how much should I […] Read more…



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