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Frugal Minimalist Pantry Staples

Lets start off with the question that begs to be asked: What is a frugal minimalist pantry? A frugal minimalist pantry contains the must have pantry items including dry goods, pantry basics and other kitchen staples. It includes dried and canned foods, rice, pasta, oil, vinegar, baking supplies and herbs and spices. The pantry list […] Read more…

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No Spend Month: Part 2

We plan on doing a no spend challenge this month to assess our finances and see where we care doing well and where we could improve. We are spending as little as possible this month, while following along with the daily reading and reflection from the Uber Fugal Month Challenge hosted by The Frugalwoods. I’m […] Read more…

No Spend Month Reflection: where do you want to be in 10 years?

No Spend Month: Part 1

As part of setting goals for the new year, G and I decided we would do a no spend month! We like the idea of a whole month of really digging deep into our finances to make sure we are doing the best we can. We are participating in the Uber Frugal Month Challenge hosted […] Read more…

Frugal minimalist gift ideas

Frugal Minimalist Gift Ideas

How do you buy for someone who is a frugal minimalist?  They don’t want stuff they don’t need, and probably even consider themselves anti-consumerist, meaning they actively try to avoid buying things. Gift giving as a frugal minimalist can I feel really stressful. Frugal minimalists know most people don’t need more stuff. How can you […] Read more…

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